About 8C


The 8th Continent Project accelerates the integration of aerospace-derived technology and content into the global economy.


The 8th Continent Project is a national program with global reach. It is wholly a program within the Colorado School of Mines, a U.S. public higher education institution.

8C currently operates in three emerging Space 2.0 economic regions — Colorado’s Front Range (Denver-Boulder-Colorado Springs), New England (Boston-Cambridge), and the U. S. National Capital Region (Washington-Northern Virginia-Maryland). Expansion is planned in 2011 into Amsterdam, Los Angeles, Madrid, and San Francisco.


Space 1.0 = Astronauts, rocket ships and billion-dollar government projects = the shoulders on which Space 2.0 stands.

Space 2.0 = Aerospace-derived technology and content delivering solutions for today’s needs — from energy to biomedical, photonics to nanotech, software to location-based/GPS.


Nearly 30 ventures…and growing. See: 8th Continent’s Portfolio


Angel Abbud-Madrid, Ph.D. View Angel Abbud-Madrid's bio
– Director, Center for Space Resources, Colorado School of Mines

Gene Branch, Esq. View Gene Branch's profile
– Partner, Perkins Coie LLP

Jeff Forrest, Ph.D. View Jeff Forrest's profile
– Department Chair and Associate Professor, Department of Aviation and Aerospace Science, Metropolitan State College of Denver

Paul Jerde View Paul Jerde's profile
– Executive Director, Robert H. and Beverly A. Deming Center for Entrepreneurship, University of Colorado

Glenn Lenzen, J.D. View Glenn Lenzen's profile
– Senior Partner, Polsinelli Shughart PC

Steve Ludwig View Steve Ludwig's profile
– Regent, University of Colorado System

John Metzger View John Metzger's profile
– Founder & CEO, Metzger Associates Public and Investor Relations

Peter Moore, Esq. View Peter Moore's profile
– Partner, Polsinelli Shughart PC

Steve Murchie View Steve Murchie's profile
– Managing Partner, Pronghorn Investments

Chris McCormick, Ph.D. View Chris McCormick's profile
– President & CEO, Broad Reach Engineering

John Poate, Ph.D. View John Poate's bio
– Vice President of Research and Technology Transfer, Colorado School of Mines

Bill Vobach, Esq. View Bill Vobach's profile
– Partner, Swanson & Bratschun LLC


Burke Fort, Esq. View Burke Fort's profile
– Founder & Director

Angel Abbud-Madrid, Ph.D. View Angel Abbud-Madrid's bio
– Chief Science Officer

Javier Diaz View Javier Diaz's profile
– Chief Operating Officer


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